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Cleaning agents specially made for removal of grease are called degreasers. These may be solvent based or solvent-containing and metamorphic. Main article Environmental impact of cleaning agents. Common cleaning agents edit. Water the most common cleaning agent which is a very powerful polar solvent. Calcium hypochlorite powdered bleach. Sodium hypochlorite liquid bleach. Various forms of alcohol like isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol. Sodium bicarbonate baking soda. Saltwater soap a potassium based soap. Acetone can damage plastics. Amyl nitrite and other nitrites. Xylene can damage plastics.
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Clorox brands 15 P. Laundry detergents 34 P. Personal hygiene products 4 C 36 P. Shoe polish 6 P 2 F. Soaps 1 C 41 P. Pages in category Cleaning products. The following 94 pages are in this category out of 94 total. This list may not reflect recent changes learn more.
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Laundry cleaning heaters food prep and more.
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Most time at home is spent in the bedrooms. Keep pets out of these rooms especially if they spend time outdoors. Use Gentle Cleaning Products. Of the various commercial home cleaning products drain cleaners toilet bowl cleaners and oven cleaners are the most toxic. Use the formulas described above or purchase green commercial alternatives. Avoid products containing ammonia or chlorine or petroleum-based chemicals these contribute to respiratory irritation headaches and other complaints. Clean from the Top Down. When house cleaning save the floor or carpet for last. Clean window blinds and shelves first and then work downwards. Allow time for the dust to settle before vacuuming. Commercial Non-Toxic Household Products.
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Over 150000 star reviews On a wide range of products. Simple easy returns Buy me love me or bring me back. Half Price Air Fresheners On over 100 Products! Housewares Cleaning Products Supplies. Keep your house looking spotless with our great range of cleaning products. As well as stocking all the big brands like Flash Mr Muscle and Finish weve got some great value own brand alternatives. So whether youre doing the dishes filling the dishwasher or mopping the floor weve got everything you need.
22 miraculous cleaning products that practically do all the work for you All the cleaning products you need.
Share Tweet Pin Share. What would you like to know? 22 miraculous cleaning products that practically do all the work for you. Rebecca Bracken is a news and views writer. 1 /24 All the cleaning products you need. 1 /24 All the cleaning products you need. Share Tweet Share Pin. If you too despise cleaning with the fire of a thousand suns you're certainly not alone.
Cleaning Supplies
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